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Being a startup at heart, we know age is no parameter for greatness. You could be a student eager to gain real-world exposure or a fresher who is hungry to start a career in e-commerce. Whatever be the case, Flipkart has the perfect launchpad for you to build and enjoy a successful and fulfilling career, for life.

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We’re big fans of numbers, but we’re bigger fans of feel! We love people who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, in addition to outstanding academic credentials. After all, a never-say-die attitude and a constant thirst for to be the best is what defines a true Flipster. Needless to say, the final piece is always ‘The Culture Fit.’ That’s why; we partner with several academic institutions across the world, each of which is a home to many Flipsters in the making.

Read on to know how and why we engage with students in our mission to build a great company and revolutionise e-commerce:


Flipkart is consistently churning out new ideas and innovation not only to revolutionise e-commerce, but also in a bid to build India’s growth story. This, coupled with our pace of work, calls for people with the energy and determination to build new things in record time.

We collaborate with institutes and train students to be ready for the challenges brought forth by the new tech revolution and be the architects of India’s future.


The Millennials are a discerning lot and will settle for nothing less
than the best in whatever they do.

Our campus teams work closely with business groups to identify demand and assignments that would be meaningful for campus joinees. That’s why; we visit select campuses each year - to hire students on the lookout for those very challenges.


In the world of e-commerce, there’s no room for error and certainly
no joy in earning a second place.

Our hiring committees assess students through gruelling rounds focused on evaluating technical capabilities and personality traits, in a bid to hire language agnostic go-getters with an analytical mindset and a penchant for solving problems.
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The Flinterns Program

A Flinternship is an offer you should never refuse. That’s because it’s one of the only programs that lets you earn more than just a certificate. You get paid, you get to meet and work with the best of minds, and at the end of it all you go back with a want to put a dent into the universe!

Each stage of the Flinternship - from pre-joining to induction and assignments - has received a satisfaction score of over 90% from the Flinterns.

Here’s what the program is all about:

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Great Projects

We ensure every Flintern takes ownership of his / her project and experiences a sense of pride in all successes, big or small.

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Robust Support System

Flinterns are assigned to mentors who take charge of ensuring their mentees imbibe all the makings of an entrepreneur.

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Fun at Work

In addition to the everyday challenges, the Flinternship offers a host of activities, programs, and perks intended at helping Flinterns have a fulfilling, well-rounded experience.

How It Works

  • 2 Months of Internship for students across Premier Technical and Management Institutions in India
  • We DO NOT offer off-campus internships


Watch this space for updates on campus events organised at Flipkart.