Executive Assistant

Position:  Executive Assistant

Your Part

  • Support the top management leader(s) to make him 10-100x more effective and efficient in all aspects of his job.
  • Handle his communications and calendar and serve as a primary interface with the rest of the Flipkart organization (primarily leadership).
  • Help plan and organize a variety of events for leadership to the entire organization.
  • Put out fires, no matter what they are, when they come up.
  • Stay cool under the pressure of a rapidly growing technology company


  • Expert user in Outlook / Google Apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Sites, Sheets, Slides, and Docs. Advanced settings and options will be used and relied upon heavily.
  • Excellent note taker, able to understand varied business and technical talks while taking effective minutes and capturing action items.
  • Superb follow through and organization skills. Your tasks will be varied and rearranged constantly in priority. Being detail oriented is key to handling the pace.
  • Resilience; tasks that may seem simple can become complex to navigate.
  • Fun nature! We’re likely to make $billion dollar decisions as we are likely to take the team out for their hard efforts. Putting together events at variety levels of scales and themes is critical.
  • Cool customer. Our style is casual with heavy focus on outcomes, not hours or effort.
  • You'll be working with people from all over the world who may be unaware or unaccustomed to local culture and will need help learning and bridging the gap.

Why Take This Role?

  • Help create one of the most modern Indian technology companies, in any and all ways you can.
  • Be exposed to an extreme level of leadership and be involved in the challenges of helping a company scale enormously and go global
  • Be challenged by dynamic and elite peers who don't expect you to do what they say but actively think like them and get one, or five, steps ahead
  • Have fun by helping us find ways to make Flipkart the most exciting place to work in India.
  • Access to exceptional opportunities in the organization for personal and career growth