At Flipkart, we’ve been early adopters and active advocates of technology in every stage of the e-commerce value chain. Our constant thirst for innovation enables us to excite and engage our users and provide superior experiences across our offerings.

From the day we first started out, we’ve always tried to understand what our customers want from us. However, what we deliver has always been something more just that - we’ve delighted our customers by addressing their unarticulated needs and in the process, we’ve quelled several myths surrounding e-commerce and opened the doors to many new possibilities.

Here’s a showcase of our ‘technovations’ that set us apart in the world of e-commerce.

Web App

Web & App

Using web-sockets for duplex communication, Ping lets users chat with friends and family while shopping on the mobile app.

Flipkart’s mobile website, Flipkart Lite, offers one-touch access from the web homepage and even works on offline mode.

Flipkart’s mobile app includes an Image Search feature that lets users search for a product with a photograph.

supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Adaptive Task-based Workflows enable seamless next-generation warehousing.

Ekart’s systems act on real-time updates for optimised route planning.

Smart Assist, a unique CRM system, offers advanced functionalities like decision trees, guided flows, multiple channel support, etc.

The warehousing platform can be integrated with mobile devices and other hardware to enable real-time task assignment and load balancing.

Flipkart Ads

Flipkart Ads

Full Funnel Attribution measures campaign awareness and sales uplift.

The Promotions Platform can configure, drive and match deals, bringing together merchandising signals and user intent signals at scale.

Flipkart’s Product Listing Ads can track metrics in real time.

The Ads platform allows focus on audience buying and enables creation of interactive Ads for a profiled audience.

Did You Know?